Established on 01, September, 2015
Revised on 01, August, 2017

UNIFLOW CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Our Company”) considers suitable management and protection of personal information of customers to be a social responsibility of our Company and set our basic policy shall be as follows.

1. Acquisition and Use of Personal Information


Our company acquires and uses the personal information in an appropriate manner within a scope only necessary to carry out our business activities. Our company shall specify the personal information items, the purposes of use and the inquiry destination information upon handling personal information and we strive to obtain a consent of a person.

2. Intended Use of Personal Information


Private information acquired by our company shall be used for the following types of cases.

  1. (1)Introduction and proposal about our products and businesses.
  2. (2)Conclusion and performance of a contract about our products and services.
  3. (3)Service activities to furnish maintenance for our products.
  4. (4)Handling inquiries from customers, provision and sending of materials.
  5. (5)Provision of information about our products and services.
  6. (6)Questionnaire survey for market research, new product development and improvement of service.


3. Personal information items to use


Name, workplace, address, Tel No., Fax No., E-mail address and business history.

4. Collected information sharing


There may be cases when our company share the private information within the company with the purposes of fulfilling legal obligations for customers and the business activity in accordance with the privacy policy.

5. Entrustment of handling of personal information


In order to perform the operation within the scope of the purpose of use as above, there may be cases when entrusting handling of personal information to our overseas subsidiaries (UNIFLOW INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD.), or our distributors. In that case, our company shall take appropriate security control measures based on our privacy policy.

6. Provision and Disclosure of personal information to Third Parties


1. Our company generally does not disclose or provide personal information to third parties unless after obtaining the customer’s consent except for the following cases.

  1. (1)When the individual customer cannot be identified.
  2. (2)When our company entrusts the business to the reliable agent in order to provide products and services for customers.
  3. (3)When disclosure is necessary for the protection of human life, human health or property and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer.
  4. (4)When rights, properties or services of our Company are necessary to be protected from actions against laws and the Company’s regulations.
  5. (5)When required by a national institution or regional authorities for the performance of duties determined by laws or regulations.


2. Our company shall provide the personal information to our overseas subsidiaries (UNIFLOW INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD.), or our distributors when dealing with inquiries regarding our products, repairs and services from customers outside Japan by the affiliated companies is deemed appropriate.

7. Acquisition of browsing history


“Access log” or “Cookie” may be used on our website for acquiring customer’s browsing history and improving our website. The personal information of individuals cannot be recognized from these information. The information acquired is only used for improving customer’s convenience, or grasping use condition of our website and planning and improving our services.

8. Handling of personal information for the job applicants


Personal information related to job applicants shall be handled in accordance with this privacy policy.

[Intended Use of Personal Information]

  1. (1)Various kinds of information guidance related to recruitment.
  2. (2)For the paperwork concerning employment screening of our company.
  3. (3)For the information management and the process of employment after joined our company.


9. Management of Personal Information


Our company shall strive to maintain the accuracy and the security of personal information by taking appropriate and rational security control measures. Personal information in a scope of our service shall be managed by Uniflow Co., Ltd.

10. Disclosure and Alteration of Personal Information


Our company responds to inquiries from customers concerning personal information or requests from customers for disclosure or alteration of personal information without delay. Personal identification may be requested.

11. Compliance with Laws and regulations, Alteration of Personal Information


From time to time our company may revise and improve our basic policy to protect customer’s personal information and to comply with changes in the applicable laws and regulations.



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